Soo Avenue Studio was opened in 1998 and has built up specialized and skilled filming techniques and experiences regarding wedding photos, advertisement photos, personal photos, and others with a view to be a leader in portrait photography.

We, at the Studio, do not regard you as just a simple subject in front of camera. We sincerely gaze at your life that is so precious and that must have been so tough. We are grateful that we are able to express it. We will be next to you with love and respect.

Nah Hee Soo, CEO of Soo Avenue Studio


Adress : B1, Rodeo Building, 14, Unju-ro-152-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel : 82. 2. 544. 2624  / 82. 2. 544. 1611  / 82. 2. 3446. 2624
E-mail : soost@naver.com

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